Kamis, 18 Januari 2024

               “CYPRESS FAMILY”

In a villge there lived small family , the family was often nicknamed by the residents as 

the cypress family . A family filed with happiness and harmony.The cypress family is not just 

a name,but a symbol of togetherness and a life full of meaning .

Early in the morning , the first rays of sunlight greeted the village . Mr widodo was busy 

working in his green pine garden.Every day,Mr widodo dedicatedly took care of his pine 

garden which was a source of life for the family .

Ms.Siti ,a wise mother,not only looks after the house , but also gives a touch of love to 

every detail of life .Meanwhile,Ms.Siti lovingly preapers warm breakfast for the family “This 

morning’s breakfast is special,children,”the mother called the children his son for breakfast 

.”Dara ,Rama,what are yours plans for today?” asked Siti,her smile dispelling the darkness.

Rama and Dara are a pair of twins who are always cheerful,they always talk together 

about their plans to explore the forest around the village,and discover the wonders of nature 

.”Today is a day full of adventure !”they exclaimed while getting ready .

Mr.Widodo gave wise adevice,”Never forget to respect nature nd each other ,children.”I 

every adventure they learn to overcome obstacles together and build beautiful memories.

EDITOR                 :    R.ARIFIN

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